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    About Us (A division of M/s WebGhar Technologies Private Limited) is an advertising agency,provider of local online advertising solutions and Internet-based local e-pages ,interconnecting consumers, merchants and advertisers. Our local e-pages help our customers search for specific products and services which merchants will provide them.

We are one of the leading web design or web development company in Delhi, India that specialises in creating or moulding websites for search engine suitability and customer useability. Our websites generate qualified traffic. Qualified traffic generates profit. We have acutely monitored, researched and studied the successes and failures of websites in the dotcom industry, both in Delhi and around the world. This has enabled us to develop e-business and Internet marketing strategies which are both affordable and profitable.

We know what makes a profitable website, and it is our business policy to only build a website if we believe it would prove profitable . Ultimately, websites need not be a 'must have' advertising expense, but rather are a proven marketing performer, and it is our personal goal that every website in our portfolio is a winner.

We are equipped with skilled team to rendered the following web services for small to medium businesses locally and around the world:

  • Internet marketing & business promotion.
  • Domain registration & web hosting
  • Web design and development
  • Search engine optimisation
  • E-Commerce Solutions
Benefits Why us?

Residential information
Our company being the first to market a free directory of residential information achieved the highest success on internet-based information. People in the workplace with little time to scan or access the yellow pages, our company gave easy retrieval to free listing of information, " Your local e-pages directory" first interactive e-pages display ads.

For Consumers
E - directory to allow consumers to list & update their online listing. Web browser can look up names, phone numbers and street addresses of friends, colleagues and businesses. Our E- Pages are uniquely structured and highly interactive so consumers can quickly and easily locate businesses which satisfy their needs.

For Local Merchants
We are committed in delivering highly qualified Web businesses of all sizes and providing services and technologies which utilize the Internet to facilitate e-commerce by offering small and medium-size businesses which they will achieve both a presence on the Internet and consumer visibility by making those merchants compete with larger on-line retailers, and enjoy many of the advantages of the Web.

For Advertisers
As a one-stop resource for finding people and businesses on the Internet, SouthDelhiOnline can become an important asset to any marketer's advertising campaign. We plan to build on the site's popularity to position the directory as a leading resource for user-driven marketing.

Benefits of Online Business

In the day of business where word of mouth advertising reigns supreme, customer service is an absolutely essential component of any business activity, online or otherwise.

A website can provide a huge upsurge in sales, and a significant decrease in expenses, thus making it a clever business move.

A website can.....

  1. Acts as an inexpensive showroom, storefront and salesperson to your local market and beyond -- 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  2. Serves to satisfy the phenomenon of customers increasingly researching purchases before buying, thus leading to an informed customer who is ready to buy.
  3. Allows for mailing lists to send the same email message to hundreds of customers for the same cost as sending to one. No more huge postal costs, or licking envelopes.
  4. Can provide answers to frequently asked questions, which reduces the costs of staff having to answer the same thing over and over.
  5. Provides a shopping experience that is both convenient and timesaving. (And for women, satisfying!)
  6. Gives your business a great advantage over your competitors and consequently provides an opportunity to capture their market share.
  7. Doesn't limit a business to its location; you can reach a wider and more diversified market.
  8. Makes it easy to collect and collate information on the purchasing patterns of your customers, thereby allowing a vendor to cost effectively alter their sales and promotion methods.
  9. Can accept automated orders and payments for products.
  10. Can facilitate an online database of products, which is quick and easy to modify; whereas traditional media catalogues cannot be altered without great expense.

This list is not by any means conclusive, and the benefits of the Internet for any given business will change with the services and products they provide.

We will evaluate any business for its suitability to the Internet completely free of Charge.
Why us

Our Mission:
To help develop home-based and small business using the Webpage. There is nothing more gratifying seeing the results of an effectively well-built web site for our clients and help them grow their business.

We understand how business works on the web. We recognise a flashy design is pretty at best without a marketing strategy to drive traffic into a website. Conversely, we realise there is little point obtaining thousands of visitors to a site which looks like the second website attempt of your best friend's nephew . We create professional, aesthetic, functional websites that rank at the very top of the search engines and we do it at a price every business can afford.

Your web-site is your voice on the Internet. We can help that voice be heard over we work together to create an effective webpage for your business that will not just sell your products and services, but will also help you build trusting relationships with your customers, wherever they are-locally, across the country, or across the globe.

We want you to be happy with your web-site, lets talk about building a place for your small business on the web. We will gladly answer any of your questions about designing your Web site. Your potential customers are out there searching in the web - it's time for you to get noticed! Call us or visit for a free consultation. We can arrange to visit your office and discuss your needs as we are gladly to help build you own webpage. Or feel free to Contact us




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